The best organic and minimalist face-care beauty routine

by Mathilde Hekimian

Our secret to beautiful skin everyday? It's simple: organic and natural cosmetic treatments adapted to your nature, accompanied by a few essential gestures. Discover the steps of our organic and minimalist beauty routine to adopt as well as the best cosmetic products to have healthy and glowing facial skin!

Why adopt an organic and minimalist facial skincare routine?

Until then, you were probably buying beauty products from big brands, which have been in the market for many years and that inspired you with confidence. But you hadn't yet realized how much chemical ingredient each of these formulas contains.

This is because everything we put on our skin is absorbed by it and goes directly into the blood. Advertising, big brands and lobbies have pushed you to consume without thinking about the diseases their products could trigger on you.

By applying organic or natural skin care products to your skin, you take care of yourself while avoiding certain health problems, which are often caused by endocrine disruptors that are currently found in many cosmetics.

What about minimalist beauty? The whole point of this new routine is respecting our planet. Indeed, a minimalist routine limits expenses and avoids waste in order to preserve natural resources.

Today, it’s for sure: we don’t need to apply a multitude of beauty products to our face. It is best to choose complete care products made with natural, high-quality ingredients.

The essential steps of our organic beauty routine for the face

To have beautiful skin in all circumstances, it is necessary to adopt a few beauty procedures. Applied daily, they can indeed change everything about the appearance of your skin.

Makeup removal
Makeup removal is important, although many of you might be tempted to skip it! Only by completely and carefully removing your makeup will your skin be able to breathe again and regenerate itself. To remove your makeup in a healthy way, find our Cleansing And Moisturizing Hydrapaise Jelly - Biotanie. Natural, organic and minimalist, this face jelly offers an authentic, eco-responsible and zero waste experience.
You will understand, the idea is to buy less, but to consume better. This is what we offer you with our selection of organic, vegan cosmetics that respect your skin and nature.


After removing your makeup properly, it is recommended to cleanse your skin with an ultra-gentle organic facial treatment, which contains as few ingredients as possible so as not to attack it. We then forget the stripping products! In particular, you can use a bar of cold saponified soap. This step is fundamental because it makes it possible to prepare the skin for cosmetic care.

Applying a serum

Now, make way for the serum, a step very often forgotten which, however, is a real booster for the skin. It is also used to prepare the skin for its usual care in order to strengthen the action of this one. It acts in particular on the radiance, firmness and smoothness of the skin. A face serum is a magical cocktail of oils, macerates, essential oils ... This intensive treatment packed with active ingredients is a true concentrate of energy for your skin!


Hydration of your skin is an essential step in your organic beauty routine. Well hydrated skin means smoother and more luminous skin every day. Hydrating your skin also helps delay the onset of fine lines and wrinkles, which tend to appear more on dry skin. Morning and evening, apply an organic moisturizer on the face and neck. You can also use an eye cream to take care of this very thin part of the skin. Discover our best selection of moisturizers for the face.

Applying a mask

The application of an organic face mask is recommended once a week. It is therefore a real “plus” to integrate into your organic beauty routine, but which can indeed make all the difference. The mask participates in the preservation of the youthfulness of your skin, by getting rid of small imperfections: dull complexion, shiny skin, blackheads, pimples, etc. It helps regulate sebum, unclog the pores and nourish the epidermis. Find our best selection of organic face scrubs and masks on our LeSybarite website.

Organic beauty ritual: which treatments to choose for which types of skin?

Dry, oily, combination or normal, each skin is different and has specific needs in terms of cosmetic care. Knowing where you stand is very important in order to give your skin everything it needs to shine.

Normal Skin

Normal skin
If you are lucky enough to have normal skin, we recommend that you use a mild cleanser, such as micellar water, non-greasy milk, non-drying lotion, or cleansing emulsion.

Archiman's Fruit Acid Facial Cleanser is perfect for normal skin. This facial cleanser deeply cleanses and gently removes dead skin cells from the surface, leaving you feeling soft and invigorated, ready to take on the outside world!

To remove your makeup, you will need to use gentle, non-aggressive products. Once your skin is cleansed well, you can apply a light and protective moisturizer. You can use a fresh-textured day cream to hydrate your skin, without any greasy or sticky effect.

Asina's Organic Donkey Milk Day Cream protects your skin all day long. Rich in moisturizing active ingredients, it gently nourishes and invigorates your skin and gives you a confident glow.

Finally, once or twice a week, take the time to perform a gentle exfoliation, such as the organic face mask - Bleu de Peau, which will deeply cleanse and boost the energy of your face.

You can also apply a moisturizing and soothing mask when your skin is tired. For this, we recommend the face mask with honey and shea butter from Féret Parfumeur. This will allow you to hydrate, firm and nourish your skin while protecting it from external aggressions.

Oily Skin

If you have shiny, large pores, prone to blemishes like acne, your skin is probably oily. In this case, we recommend that you favor non-foaming cleansing gels specially formulated for oily skin, such as Bivouak's organic face cleansing gel. Purifying and regenerating, it eliminates excess sebum and impurities while allowing your skin to be protected from external aggressions.

Indeed, foaming gels will be too stripping for you. Alcohol-free and soap-free breads are also ideal. However, if you are keen on using a product that foams, you can choose a gel with mild, sulfate-free surfactants.

Next, your skin should be well hydrated, just like other skin types. If she is producing enough fat on her own, you should know that she still needs water. You should also be aware that oily skin can also be sensitive and dehydrated skin.

So, to nourish it, we recommend that you use a water-based, non-greasy and non-comedogenic hydrating gel. The treatment should be ultra light and mattifying, and should allow excess sebum to be absorbed in order to rebalance the skin.

We recommend the 3 in 1 anti-acne and anti-pimples mattifying treatment from Manetik. Specially designed for oily skin with imperfections, this perfecting treatment absorbs sebaceous secretions and eliminates excess sebum, while effectively hydrating your skin.

To remove make-up from oily skin, micellar or floral waters are ideal. We think in particular of geranium, cornflower, rose or orange blossom water.

Finally, the exfoliation is the ally of oily skin, since it helps unclog the pores of the skin and refine its texture. A scrub once or twice a week is sufficient so as not to damage your skin. For this you can apply the natural purifying mask - Louie 21 to get rid of blemishes.

Dry Skin

Do you feel tightness all the time? Is your skin rough to the touch and peels easily? You have dry skin! Unlike oily skin, dry skin does not produce enough lipids to retain moisture and build an effective barrier against external aggressors. Concretely, it lacks sebum.

Dry skin should therefore be cleansed with a mild care or micellar water, formulated for daily use. It should also be hydrated with a nourishing and protective cream. Lipid-based products should be preferred, such as shea butter or oils.

We particularly recommend the organic face moisturizer - Bleu de Peau. Based on jojoba oil, shea butter and lemon extract, it moisturizes, protects and leaves your skin feeling very soft. It is perfect for people with sensitive and tight skin.

Thanks to their rich composition, your skin can be rebalanced and boosted in order to produce its own lipids. The 3 in 1 cleansing gel is perfect for dry skin. Soft and hydrating, it perfectly cleanses your skin without damaging it.

To remove make-up, choose a soft and nourishing cleansing milk. You can also clean your face with water with neutral pH soaps if you are not fond of milks.

As for the mask, you can use some as long as they are not too common and their composition is suitable for your dry skin. Once a week, you can apply a nourishing mask as needed, and once or twice a month a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin.

You can apply the organic face mask - Bleu de Peau. Made from green clay, white clay and shea butter, this face mask cleanses and restores radiance to your complexion. The Enzymatic face scrub - Louie 21 is also suitable for dry skin. It gently eliminates impurities and dead cells.

Little bonus tip: if you have dry skin, remember to drink plenty of water, the effects will be felt on your skin!

Oily Skin

If your T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) shows large pores, blackheads and it glows, but your cheeks and temples appear even and matte, your skin is combination.

It is indeed the most common skin type in young adults. To clean combination skin, it is best to choose specific fluid emulsions for this type of skin. We recommend that you avoid milks that are too oily and use mild cleansers, such as the facial cleanser - Bleu de Peau.

This formula with floral water of chamomile, lime blossom and aloe vera gently cleanses your skin while soothing it. It effectively purifies the T zone of the face.

To stabilize the secretion of sebum, apply a moisturizing and mattifying treatment. You can also use a special oily skin cream on the T zone and a dry skin cream on the cheeks and temples.

For this, we offer you the face balm - 66 ° 30, a complete intensive care capable of hydrating your combination skin, repairing it and protecting it from external aggressions.

To remove make-up, it is better to favor a gentle, less aggressive treatment. Don't hesitate to put more emphasis on the T-zone. Apply a light-textured foam, gel, micellar water or milk.

Two to three times a week, you can perform an exfoliation alternating with a mask in order to rebalance your skin. Remember to carry out your gestures in a circular manner in order to make the product penetrate more easily into the skin and that it is more effective.

We advise you to use the purifying face mask with green clay - Ylae. Purifying and sanitizing, it cleanses and rids your skin of impurities quite naturally.

How to change your habits and adopt a complete organic beauty routine?

When we embark on natural cosmetics and want to take care of ourselves in a healthier way, we often wonder: which brands to favor? Which products are truly natural and which ingredients are best to avoid? Here are our tips for making your organic beauty ritual as effective as possible.

Defining your skin type

First of all, it is necessary to define your skin type in order to choose the products that will be the most suitable. Dry, oily, combination, normal, many details can direct you to your skin type, namely that the most common skin type is combination skin.

Learn to identify ingredients that are harmful to health

To set up an effective organic beauty routine, it is important to know how to unmask the bad ingredients. Some organic or natural cosmetics sometimes even contain some toxic substances. Of course, it can never be perfect, but it is still possible to avoid it as much as possible.

Rest assured, this is not as complicated as it sounds. You can consult the list of undesirable cosmetic ingredients in order to protect yourself from potentially dangerous products.

Give preference to cosmetics that are raw or that have only been minimally processed

To achieve your organic and minimalist beauty routine, we advise you to favor products that have hardly been transformed. In fact, there is therefore no risk of them being denatured. We think in particular of virgin coconut oil, shea butter or cocoa butter.

However, some cosmetics have very few ingredients, so they can be used without fear and have been proven to work. The idea is to focus on ingredients rather than products!

Give up bad habits to install new ones

Whatever your skin type, you must take care of it with organic or natural cosmetics. It is better to opt for a minimalist beauty routine, with few products, but good for your health and effective, than a beauty routine with many different products, containing harmful ingredients and which attack your skin more. In addition to doing good for your skin, you also save money!

So, are you ready to adopt these essential beauty gestures?