Best Products for Hair Growth in Women

by Mathilde Hekimian

We hear most often about hair loss in men. Yet women are also affected. But what are the causes of hair loss? What are the best solutions and remedies for hair loss? What are the best anti-hair loss products for women? All the answers are here.

What Are the Causes of Hair Loss in Women?

First, it is important to understand where do you start losing hair first?


Hair loss can have a genetic cause. This is called androgenetic alopecia. This inherited hair loss is often aggravated by several biological and psychological factors. It results in increased and continuous hair loss. Concretely, the hair follicles shrink and the hair gradually thins, which weakens the hair density. Areas are then more bald on the top of the head, or around the line.

Scalp problems

A scalp that suffers from increased dryness, redness, pimples, or any other abnormal appearance can lead to hair loss. Itching and dandruff are also good indicators. In this case, it is best to see a dermatologist to get the correct treatment, but it is also necessary to review your bathroom products. Maybe something in your shampoo is irritating your scalp. We therefore recommend that you use organic products or products made from natural ingredients, which are much milder than the traditional shampoos found in most supermarkets.


Deficiencies can also be responsible for hair loss in women. They can be linked to a poor diet or to problems caused by the malabsorption of essential nutrients by the body. Not having the nutrients necessary for good health, your hair weakens which gradually causes hair loss. A blood test can detect deficiencies. Often times, it is the iron that is involved!

Hormonal Imbalances

Female hair loss can also be explained by hormonal imbalance. Disorders of the thyroid, in particular, can play a very important role in all the functions of the body, including the health of the hair. Proper treatment can solve the problem, but most importantly, good nutrition. When a woman is pregnant, this causes a decrease in estrogen levels which can also put the hair follicles into a resting phase. This hormonal change can be responsible for temporary hair loss, during pregnancy and in the months following childbirth.


Stress is one of the most common factors of hair loss nowadays. Indeed, with our hectic lifestyles, we have more difficulty coping with stressful events. Stress can disrupt the body and cause hair loss. In addition, It can occur following an emotional shock or develop gradually with a stress present for a long time, which become chronic. Stress can also cause hair follicles to pause, causing hair to stop growing. The first solution to this is to remove the cause of your stress to get your hair condition back to normal.

False Hair Products and Treatments used

Bad treatment or unsuitable hair care used constantly can attack your scalp, weaken your hair and its roots, gradually causing it to fall out. Excessive extensions, and hairstyling, and  repeated brushings are also responsible.

What are the different types of hair loss in women?

There are several types of hair loss in women. In some cases, hair loss is only temporary. But it happens that hair loss is also lasting and diffuse. In all cases, it is important to identify the cause of your hair loss in order to adapt your lifestyle accordingly and to opt for an appropriate treatment if necessary.

Androgenic alopecia

This hair loss is often linked to a family history, in other words with a strong hereditary factor. While it is often seen in men, it can also be seen in women. It affects the entire top of the skull.

Temporary and diffuse hair loss

Hair loss can be temporary and diffuse. It is often caused by seasonal changes, hormonal changes (childbirth, menopause, etc.), psychological shock, the end of contraceptive treatment, pregnancy, or even major surgery.

Permanent and diffuse hair loss

Hair loss can also be permanent, which is a serious problem. A variety of factors can contribute to hair loss such as taking certain drugs, deficiencies (iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium), a state of permanent stress or depression, anorexia or a severe diet, diabetes, endocrinological disorders and thyroid problems.

when should you worry about hair loss?

A temporary hair loss lasts on average 3 months. When it persists beyond 6 months, it is best to consult. Especially when it is accompanied by loss of hair density. Indeed, it is important to turn to a specialist quickly in order to avoid the exhaustion of hair cycles.

As explained above, the first step is to detect the cause of this hair loss in order to eliminate it. Also consider using mild and natural shampoos as well as organic hair loss products to help you.

How much hair loss per day is normal?

Usually, between 50 and 150 hairs per day are lost without even noticing it. In the shower or during combing, hair loss is more severe and does not mean that you will go bald. Indeed, there is no reason to worry if there is no excessive hair shedding.

Be aware, however, that in summer and fall, hair loss can increase up to 400. This is seasonal hair loss, which moreover affects women more than men. Do not panic, this hair grows back without problem afterwards.

What are the best hair loss products for women?

Hair loss is a natural phenomenon that many women encounter in their lifetime. Most of the time, this is a transient hair loss, which can be curbed with natural hair loss products. This will preserve your hair density, limit damage and stimulate your regrowth. Discover our selection of the best anti-hair loss products for women!

Anti-hair loss oil for women

Vegetable oils are among the best anti-hair loss products. We think in particular of castor oil, a very valuable hair treatment for skin appendages. It acts precisely on the microcirculation in the scalp, which provides nutrients to the hair bulbs and thus accelerates growth. Rich in fatty acids, this oil maintains your hair and stimulates its growth. By using it regularly, you are less likely to experience hair loss or baldness.

The anti-hair loss spray or lotion for women

Anti-hair loss sprays or lotions are also one of the most effective products, but also the most popular. Indeed, they are easy to use, very practical. Their light and fresh texture makes them anti-hair loss treatments that are pleasant to apply. They generally contain several anti-hair loss ingredients that work in synergy.

Among the most effective anti-hair loss products, we find in particular the Anti-Hair Loss and Anti-Dandruff Lotion from French Garçon. It contains :

  • nettle floral water;
  • an invigorating cedar floral water;
  • a rosemary floral water;
  • capiguar;
  • hops;
  • rice extract;
  • yeast.

Anti-hair loss shampoo for women

If you are losing your hair, we recommend that you use a natural anti-hair loss shampoo on a daily basis. For example, The Organic Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo - 250ML, enriched with peony root extract, vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 is ideal. Solid shampoo with organic donkey milk is also recommended. Indeed, it is an excellent natural regenerator and moisturizer, which will make your hair stronger and smoother every day.

The Anti-hair Loss Serum for Women

The serum is perfect for treating hair from root to tip. It thus prevents their fall. We recommend that you do an intensive 2-month cure, which can be repeated several times during the year depending on the condition of your hair.

Among the best hair serums, we recommend the Keep Glowing Hair Serum . Enriched with organic jojoba, mongongo and karanja vegetable oils, it softens the scalp, strengthens, regenerates and structures the hair. Indeed, the healthier your hair, the less it will fall out!

The best anti-hair loss capsules for women

Today, many anti-hair loss food supplements exist on the market. But it is still necessary to find quality capsules, capable of solving your problem. Among the most effective organic anti-hair loss capsules, we recommend:

  • Pure Borage Oil and Evening Primrose Oil Capsules Associated Food Supplement - Sybarel

  • Camelina Pure Oil Capsules Natural Food Supplement - Sybarel

    Pure Linseed Oil Capsules Natural Food Supplement - Sybarel

    Borage oil and evening primrose have been recognized for their virtues on the hair. They limit hair loss by strengthening the hair. Borage and evening primrose can be consumed individually, but the combination of the two provides a better action.

    Flaxseed oil is a valuable ally in bringing damaged hair back to life. It is a great source of essential fatty acids that promote healthy hair. Being stronger, the hair is less likely to fall out.

    As for camelina oil, it is an ideal solution to make hair more resistant. Softening, regenerating and restorative, it is becoming one of the most popular vegetable oils that make your hair naturally healthier.

    Why do you prefer natural anti-hair loss care for women?

    Worried about seeing your hair gradually fall out? With the arrival of spring or autumn, your hair begins to fall out at the slightest stroke of the brush? In addition to adopting a healthy lifestyle and an appropriate diet, natural solutions remain the best at present.

    In fact, there are certain drug treatments, especially for cases of alopecia. If permanent hair loss is taken seriously, these medications are not without side effects. Despite their effectiveness, these remedies often interfere with the hormonal level and cause various sexual disorders.

    If you suffer from a significant fall, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor. But nothing prevents you from trying natural solutions. You can take a treatment and use organic hair loss products in addition!

    Finally, it is important to favor natural anti-hair loss treatments (anti-hair loss shampoos, anti-hair loss serum, anti-hair loss oils, etc.) because they contain gentle ingredients that respect your scalp.

    Some hair loss is indeed caused by unsuitable, aggressive products that contain harmful substances. The problem with these products, which can be found everywhere in stores and on the internet, is that they attack the scalp more, causing dandruff and redness, which then leads to hair loss.

    Organic anti-hair loss products for women act over the long term, which is why they must be used daily. The results appear quickly because the good ingredients contained in these products promote a healthy scalp, healthy roots, shiny and resistant hair.

    Indeed, if at first glance the traditional anti-hair loss treatments can work, in reality they only mask the problem. Stopping hair loss is possible, but with the right products!

    Find all our natural anti-hair loss products for women on our online store.

    How to naturally stop hair loss in women?

    Are you worried about seeing your hair gradually fall out and do you want to take action on a daily basis? There are also natural solutions, in addition to anti-hair loss products for women, which help prevent this phenomenon. Here are some tips to stop your hair loss.

    1. Eat well

    When you are experiencing hair loss, it is very important to have a healthy diet and to choose foods rich in omega 3, protein, iron, zinc and silicon. Indeed, a balanced diet combined with a healthy lifestyle is an important factor in healthy hair and scalp. We think in particular of fatty fish (sardines, herring, mackerel, anchovies), wholemeal bread, eggs and lentils.

    Also adopt a varied diet with good sources of zinc, such as oysters, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds or organic eggs. Like zinc, silicon is important for keeping your hair healthy. We think of cucumber, mango, green leafy vegetables, strawberries, asparagus, celery or beans.

    We also recommend that you drink plenty of water to hydrate the different layers of the scalp, excellent for the hair bulb. You can drink water regularly during the day, but also green tea, known to fill iron deficiencies, often responsible for hair loss.

    2. Call on the power of plants

    To stimulate the growth of your hair, you can perform massages with oils such as Castor Oil, known for its positive effects on the growth of skin appendages (nails and hair). Coconut oil is also recommended, as it is one of the only oils that can penetrate the scalp.

    Massaging the scalp with these oils stimulates blood circulation, ideal for stimulating hair growth. Certain herbs and spices are also considered natural remedies that provide nutrients to hair roots and optimize hair growth. Among them, rosemary, field horsetail, nettle, cinnamon, or even curry.

    3. Choose an anti-hair loss supplement treatment

    To stop hair loss and stimulate growth, we bet without further delay on anti-hair loss food supplements! You can opt for Indian powders, for example Ayurvedic Brahmi powder. This tones, thickens and promotes growth, while soothing the scalp. It is most often used as a mask. It can also be mixed with rhassoul. Finally, Shikakai powder is also effective against hair loss.

    It is also possible to make cures of Borage Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, or both mixed. When they act in synergy, they are more effective to fight against hair loss in women.

    Finally, brewer's yeast, combined with zinc, is the star of the “anti-hair loss” shelves. Loaded with vitamin B, it is essential for the creation of keratin. We prefer brewer's yeast in powder or flakes, which we can sprinkle on our dishes.

    4. Use organic essential oils

    Essential oils are very good home remedies to fight hair loss in women. Atlas cedar essential oil tops the list, which can be mixed with a vegetable oil (castor oil for example) to make a mask. Let’s not forget grapefruit essential oil, which also considerably reduces hair loss.