Anti-Hair Loss Lotion 200ML

Anti-Hair Loss Lotion 200ML

Anti-Hair Loss Lotion 200ML

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What are the benefits?

Occasional or frequent hair loss can be effectively curbed by applying fortifying hair care products, such as this hair lotion made with essential oils of sage and orange.

Applied just after a natural anti-hair loss shampoo, Serge d'Estel Paris hair lotion, highly concentrated in vitamins, gives your hair tone and strength. It strengthens the hair fiber, while activating new hair growth.


Peony root extract Known to soothe itchy scalps, it also promotes volume and makes dull hair shine. Growth is boosted to drastically slow down hair loss.
Vitamin B3 Promotes the renewal of the hair follicle and stimulates hair growth.
Vitamin B6 Known to strengthen the hair's keratin, a natural protein, it makes the hair more resistant and dense.
Clary sage essential oil Regenerating and sebum-regulating, it is known to fight effectively against hair loss.
Orange essential oil Toning and stimulating, it is known to energize the scalp by promoting blood circulation.

What are the results?

Hair growth is accelerated and the roots are stronger.

How to apply

  1. Apply our anti-hair loss hair lotion on your damp scalp after shampooing, massaging with your fingertips in circular motions to activate blood circulation.
  2. Dry your hair gently without the use of heaters which can weaken it.

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